Synchron Stage Vienna

Laurent Dury’s latest album “Ostinato” features a dynamic blend of traditional and modern classical music, brought to life by the talented musicians of the Synchron Stage Vienna. Conducted by Gregor F. Narholz, the 18 tracks of the album showcase Dury’s use of repetitive patterns to build tension and playful melodies, guiding listeners through vibrant soundscapes. The result is a multi-layered musical experience that engages and captivates audiences.

Vienna Calling

Many aspects made this one a special production, being the first-time recording for us at the Vienna Synchron Stage is one of them. That world-class studio is loaded with prestige and professionalism, which is reflected in the sonic quality of the pieces.

Live recorded @ Synchron Stage Vienna

The technical aspects in the world-renowned Vienna studio are outstanding. For this specific album, we recorded a quite big orchestra, more specifically woodwinds, brasses, French horns and strings. The orchestra members themselves were very much enjoying the recording too, as it was something they seldom do. They usually record movie scores or similar stuff, therefore they took the chance to test their concentration skills for this use case.

Ostinato, Ostinato, Ostinato

Deepening more on “Ostinato”, the album is packed with inspiring, delicate and playful tracks that depict drama and modern progress in art, culture and architecture. The Italian term “Ostinato” refers to a repeated pattern of notes, rhythms, or chords. This musical tool creates a sense of tension and release within a piece and can also be used to highlight certain harmonies or melodies.

“Ostinato” Artwork by Joe Miletzki

The cover motif (by Joe Miletzki) is a visual representation of the album concept. The cover design perfectly embodies the album’s theme, showcasing a dynamic architectural element that echoes the music’s repetitive nature. As a result, the artwork is both elegant and intriguing, capturing the essence of the album’s concept.

The Session

Laurent is a master of minimalism. The challenge in this album lies in keeping the focus and rhythm while being minimalistic, being on spot but emotional at the same time. The challenge of this album is to maintain focus and rhythm while being minimalistic, which demands precision and emotional depth at the same time. To truly bring the music to life, the mechanical and musical aspects must be combined in harmony. When recording live instruments and comparing them to the mockups, you realise how the live orchestra adds a brilliant feeling, vibrations, and breathing that can’t be replicated through programming.

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